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Create, Inspire, Inform!

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Red Brick artspace is the materialisation of years of learning, teaching & making art.

It brings together #art, #fashion, #artworkshops & #upcyledobjects. Having completed a Masters Degree in #VisualArt I became obsessed with facilitating a friendly, unassuming space for people of any age to create art. A lifetime of being immersed within the realm of ideas, possibility and tactile materials inspires and feeds my soul, I wanted to share this with others.

Red Brick Brands: Learnspace, Studio, Bread & Object



Ever wanted to explore your artistic potential? Red Brick artspace hosts art workshops for groups & individuals. To choose the perfect type of session for you, it's important to

"Know your Level"

Beginner - I have little experience with art materials or drawing, I want to learn the basics to build my skills.

Intermediate - I have explored art materials and drawing before, but want to improve my techniques & proficiency.

Advanced - I am an experienced artist/illustrator, I would like to specialise on a specific technique or process.



Art Projects are unpacked by tracing the conceptual path ways toward the final design. Artwork and meaning are made transparent. Exclusive and once-off prints, paintings & drawings are available for purchase.

Exhibition work & catalogues can be viewed on site. Art work produced are affordable for the home and corporate space.

Limited Edition Prints: Fridge Poems



Red Brick's "Not Fashion" label is busy with a range of luxurious cotton Kimono's, perfect for summer. Fabrics sourced locally, no two are the same.



Red Brick offers a range of custom furniture and up-cycled items for the home to suite the unique, artsy, eclectic and quirky.

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