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Artist Statement

Lucelle Pillay Profile.jpg

Lucelle Bernadette Pillay (ND, BVA, MVA)

I’m a visual artist originally from Durban, KwaZulu Natal. I grew up in the Indian township of ‘Chatsworth’ during the era of apartheid and graduated from college during the socio-political tumult of South Africa’s democracy. I’m currently based in Johannesburg, where I work as an art and design lecturer in private higher education.

My areas of visual research are the ‘Convergences  of human experience with digital interfaces’ and ‘Raw data as a transmutable art material within the human narrative’. I am very interested in DATA, specifically human records, as this material has the potential to tell new and evocative stories about us. The insurgence of AI (Artificial intelligence) into all aspects of human activity is a daunting yet intriguing contemplation for me as an artist.


My concepts are multidisciplinary; therefore, I apply both traditional and digital art making processes in my work. I aim to create immersive sensory experiences for both my WHITE cube (gallery) and BLACK cube (online) audiences, that consists of projection mapping, light, sound and movement.


Visual Artist: Lucelle Bernadette Pillay



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