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Craving a wholesome, home-cooked vegan meal ?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The Redbrick Artspace' kitchen presents our new culinary brand 'The Indian Vegan'. We pay homage to the traditional vegetable breyani with a twist. Delicate basmati rice, fresh vegetables, roast potatoes, lentils and caramalised onions, all simmered in fragrant spices. Food becomes art when our saffron infused, slow baked flavour coats every grain of rice. This is by no means take-out, rather a nutritious, delicious, home-cooked meal, from our kitchen to your table. Make our Indian Vegan Vegetable Breyani your mid-week treat.

Don't try this at home, let us do the hard work for you, but if you really want to know what goes into our breyani, see ingredients & spices below:

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