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<AfterArt> In Dialogue with Professor Sarat Maharaj

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It was my absolute privilege to interview South African - born, Curator, Writer, Researcher and Philosopher, the esteemed, Professor Sarat Maharaj. As a global citizen, Professor Maharaj has received numerous accolades within the mercurial and enigmatic world of visual art critique, exhibition and discourse.

If you are an art academic, curator or researcher, you will find my 50min podcast (with images) intriguing, as Professor Maharaj takes me on a journey back to 'Old Durban', then shares his international curatorship experiences.

Within the a global context, when many Indian South Africans are questioning their place in history, as well as their future, Professor Maharaj's take, on collective identity & 'dirty cosmopolitanism' is extremely relevant.

Worthwhile watching

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