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Redbrick's Winter Craft Workshops 2022

Our fun and relaxed craft workshops go down a treat with both parents and kids. Spend a creative two hours with snack breaks in our studio making these beautiful, collectible painted - succulent pots. All skill levels welcome, amazing results are guaranteed, as you can see from our cover photo above. Apart from having a little pet cactus to take home, that will never need watering, here are some art skills that we have snuck in:

  • Working with a 3D form (rock/pebble)

  • Layering colours & painting shapes - following the curves of the 3D format

  • Choice & design decisions - this is an important aspect to build confidence using mediums (art materials) in the future. As a design lecturer I see how students struggle with making choices, if the foundation of art - play & learning through exploration of mediums was not provided.

  • Art - play is a Redbrick philosophy that informs how we structure teaching & receptivity. It is imperative that when a beginner (adult or child) engages with art mediums there exists and element fun, non-judgement and sense of accomplishment. These factors are conducive for ongoing engagement with creative activities.

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