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Redbrick's Featured Business: Jeanetics Hairdressing

Updated: Feb 26

Jeanette Le Roux has become a familiar face in Linden's buzzy 4th Avenue. As the owner of the popular 'Jeanetics Hairdressing', she welcomes clients with a smile and oodles of industry know-how. Jeanette's hair salon is nestled in a leafy haven amongst trendy coffee and vintage fashion shops. In demand and always working tirelessly to service her clients, Jeanette epitomises the local entrepreneurial spirit. With many years of experience under her belt, she presents the perfect ratio of professionalism to conviviality. 'Jeanetics Hairdressing' has earned its place amongst Linden's business hub, with many happy clients to attest.

Jeanette's formidable savvy and tenacity was tested during the Covid pandemic in 2020-2021. Whilst other small businesses in the area were shutting their doors, she persevered in the face of a weak economy. Offering a uniquely personalised approach to servicing her returning clients, has paid off, and 'Jeanetics Hairdressing' has since increased it's footprint. It is often said that hairdressers are not just styling a clients coiffure, but are confidants and lay-psychologists. Their interpersonal skills and ability to offer an empathetic ear can offer patrons the human connection they crave. Jeanette's ability to create a safe and welcoming space, noticeably sets her apart from the competition. Her many years in the beauty industry has forged her reputation as an experienced and talented hair stylist. Watching her at work, her artistry with a pair of scissors is obvious, and client satisfaction is guaranteed.

'Jeanetics Hairdressing' is known for its beautiful and eclectically-styled studio, that's impressive yet homely. Jeanette's interior design style brings together her love for vintage collectibles and quirky haberdashery. It reflects the diversity of the many clients she draws to her Linden studios. If you ever in the area and on the hunt for an amazing stylist, pop by Jeanette's, you wont be dissapointed. Supporting local business, creates an economic-ecosystem that builds community and sustains livelihoods.

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